tensile fabric
Depending on the design, tensile structures and umbrellas may look complicated, but at their core – they are made of two essential components: the frame and the tensile fabric that gives the structure it’s iconic shape and appearance. Structural fabrics used for this purpose have to be strong enough to […]

Kinds Of Coated Tensile Fabrics

shade sail
Your outdoor living space can look better and feel more comfortable by simply installing a shade sail. Shade sails look great indoors but they are also very useful outdoors. It provides protection from the sun against the harmful UV rays. Additionally, it also has an appealing appearance and can be […]

Getting The Perfect Shade Sail For Your Property

Exterior Tensile Membrane Canopy At A Luxury Resort
Tensile structures aren’t just functional, they look beautiful too. However, like many things in life – they won’t stay that way if you don’t properly maintain them. Proper maintenance doesn’t only keep your tensile structure look good and functional, it also extends its life.  Regular checks should be done on […]

How To Keep Your Exterior Fabric Structure In Good Condition

Bahama Shutters In North Carolina Holden Beach
Protecting yourself and your home from the adverse effects of the weather should be a top priority for any homeowner. As anyone who has ever lived on the East Coast of United States, it pays to be prepared for the summer storms that are staple around the summer months. One […]

Different Types Of Hurricane Shutters

steel framework manufacturing
Tensile structures aren’t like traditional construction materials that need to be processed on-site. In the traditional way, all materials are brought to the site and workers use them to construct the structures.  Additionally, the materials used for tensile structures could be manufactured off-site. Tensile structure components are usually huge in […]

The Tensile Structure Manufacturing Process

indoor shade sail
Fabric structures like shade sails are typically used outdoors as protection from the sun. However, more and more customers are using these versatile fabrics and supports indoors for a creative twist. And why not? These are very easy to install and they can easily update the look inside your building. […]

Fabric Structures For Interior Use