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Adding shutters to windows is a great way to add style and charm to the place without costing a lot. Outdoor shutters, like Bahama shutters, are great not only for aesthetic purposes but also for protection against strong winds.

Even if St Louis, Missouri rarely encounters full-pledge hurricanes, Bahama shutters are still useful.

What Are Bahama Shutters?

Outdoor shutters vary from one model to another. The difference will depend on the preferred design and intended use of the outdoor shutters. The Bahama shutters, also known as Bermuda shutters, have their hinges on the top as compared to other types of shutters that have the hinges on the side.

They can be left fully opened, semi-opened or fully closed. These shutters are secured directly to the wall that’s why they are strong and sturdy enough even with strong winds.

Uses Of Bahama Shutters

Adds Aesthetic Value

One of the main reasons why Bahama shutters are used is to add beauty to a house, With this, the property value of the home is increased. There are many styles available and these can fit well to any home. They can come in a matching color for the home’s exterior or they can provide a contrasting accent color to the house.

Protection Against Severe Weather Condition

They can also protect your home during severe weather conditions. For storms, the shutter can be closed shut to protect the window glass from being damaged by the wind. It can also protect the windows from flying objects. Due to its design, the Bahama shutters can easily be opened or closed due to the

Natural Climate Control

Letting fresh air from the outside helps you control the temperature in your home. Open it fully and you’ll be able to let all the air in. Use a small opening when you feel it’s too cold out so you can still let some air in and improve the air circulation in the room.

Natural Light Control

On a sunny day, the Bahama shutters can also be used to provide shade for the window especially when it is directly facing the sun. By changing the angle of the Bahama shutters, you can control how much light goes into your home. This also helps prevent your home from heating up due to the summer sun.

Efficient Use Of Energy

Instead of turning the AC of the room on, you can save on energy just by using the Bahama shutters instead. Blocking the sun’s rays while still allowing air to go in can help cool down a room without the need to use more energy.

Provides Privacy For Home Owners

When closed or partially opened, the Bahama shutters can provide homeowners with privacy by making it more difficult to see through the panels. On the contrary, homeowners can easily peek and see what’s going on outside their home.

Permanent And Useful All Year Round

Bahama shutters are permanently added to your windows and they don’t need to be removed through the seasons. They can outlast different weather conditions and you can use them all year round.

Bahama Shutter Varieties

Various materials can be used to create Bahama shutters The most common material used is aluminum. Through the aluminum extrusion process, specific shapes of aluminum needed for the Bahama shutters can be created. Aluminum is a good material because it is sturdy, lightweight and long-lasting.

Another material that’s commonly chosen is wood due to its natural appeal. It looks good but it is more difficult to maintain than the aluminum ones. Additionally, there are also composite Bahama shutters that are more durable than wood and have a lot of styles to choose from.

The Bahama shutters can be easily customized to fit any size and shape window. With the help of skilled shutter designers, the shape can also be altered to make shutter specific for a window. Also, the design can be altered to fit the style of the house whether homeowners want an elegant one or a tropical-themed one.

Depending on the supplier, the color and finish can also be customized. Most of today’s Bahama shutters are now powder coated. With this method, dry powder is painted to the shutters through an electrostatic method. After which, the product is baked on very high heat. This produces a durable colored surface that outlasts regular paint.


You might be thinking that since hurricanes rarely hit Missouri at their highest impact that you don’t really need the Bahama shutters. The truth is Bahama shutters are versatile and useful not only for hurricane or sun protection.

They help make the home more energy efficient by controlling the amount of light and air that goes in. It also adds privacy for the homeowners inside. Furthermore, you can use it as a decorative piece to express your style.

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