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Commercial Structures

Stationary Commercial Fabric Structures
Stationary Commercial Fabric Structures

Keeping your business or commercial center looking its best is never a one-time deal.  Good business practices include updating the look of your business every 10 to 15 years.  Unfortunately, an all-out facelift can be extremely expensive.  Fabric tension structures are a great way to add that updated, contemporary look without all the cost.

And since our fabric structure designs are so flexible we can offer nearly endless options to meet our customer’s needs.  With your imagination and our design experts we can improve the look of your business entranceways, walkways, performance spaces, roofs and balconies.

As a general contractor and roofing company owner in North Carolina, we trust TMS to handle the fabric structure requests that are becoming more and more popular with business owners in the South East United States.  Great pricing and customer service!   – George Pennell, TRI Roofing Company, Durham, NC 

Experienced Designers

Our award-winning Design Development Department has assisted architects and owners conceptualize projects both large and small all over the world, and in every market segment.  Give us a call today and one of the designers here at TMS will give you a call to help you through the concept to quote process.

 All in One Services

Our flexible services offerings include installation as well where we use only the most competent and experienced building contractors to make the designs a reality.