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Fabric structures like shade sails are typically used outdoors as protection from the sun. However, more and more customers are using these versatile fabrics and supports indoors for a creative twist.

And why not? These are very easy to install and they can easily update the look inside your building.

Shade sails are aesthetically pleasing. They come in different shapes and can be used for various designs. When placed in your workspace, it can help inspire your workers to be more creative when you need to. It may seem such a minor change for the space it occupies, but it can have dramatic effects.

Indoor use of shade sails for decoration can be done in areas that have a huge space to accommodate it. Such buildings would include schools, office buildings, malls, shopping centers or even a residential building. 

Interior Shade Sails Materials

Most of the interior shade sails are made from lightweight fabrics. The most desirable ones are the stretchy types so they can easily be used. Most would use the same fabrics used for outdoor shade sails but it’s possible to use just any fabric because it’s meant for design purposes.

However, if you want the authentic look and feel of shade sails, you should select the fabric that’s really used to create shade sails. These fabrics are very durable because they can withstand several outdoor conditions. There are different fabrics that can be used and they will vary in texture, translucency, cost, available colors, as well as fire rating.

The most common fabrics used for indoor shade sails are the following:

  • Cotton-based Fabrics
  • Glass Mesh Coated With PVC
  • Glass Cloth Coated With Polyurethane
  • Glas Cloth Coated With Silicone

Cotton fabrics are usually used when the budget is the main consideration They are the most economical option and can be used for short term purposes. The problem with them is that they are more prone to shrinking and staining. What makes cotton fabrics great for indoor shade sails is the variety of colors available.

If you are after more durability, then select the polyurethane-coated glass cloth instead of the cotton-based ones. These look similar to cotton but will last longer. The PVC coated ones, on the other hand, are effective as sunscreen or a more durable covering. The silicone-coated ones are the most fire-resistant but a drawback is that they easily get dirty.

Control And Enhance Light

Apart from simply being a decoration, the shade sails can improve how the interior looks by controlling or enhancing light. As we’ve said, the fabrics come in different translucency so they can be used to reduce natural light if needed. On the other hand, it can also be used to reflect natural light throughout the building. 

Customized Decoration

Shade sails can also be customized to improve the aesthetic value of a specific area. If you need to improve depth and space, a semi-translucent screen can be used. Some shade sails can also be printed with the graphics of your choice. 

In areas that are open, shade sails can be used as ceilings or they can also be used as partitions to divide a larger area. To facilitate the use of fabric structures indoors, kites and hypars may be used. 

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