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Your outdoor living space can look better and feel more comfortable by simply installing a shade sail.

Shade sails look great indoors but they are also very useful outdoors. It provides protection from the sun against the harmful UV rays. Additionally, it also has an appealing appearance and can be used as an accent piece to a specific outdoor space.

There are different shade sails sold in the market today and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In order to find the best one suitable for your area, here are a few things you should consider. 

Shade Sail Design

One of the first things you should decide on when considering having a shade sail in your property is the design. When thinking of a design, it is best to know exactly where you plan to put the shade sail. Take measurements to see how much it should cover. 

As for the design itself, one of the most commonly chosen is the one with a hypar shape. This is a 4-cornered shade sail that has a twist. The twist can be altered and would be affected by how high and low the corners are installed. Alternate the high and low corners to end up with the twist and make sure the tension is increased so that it doesn’t flap in the wind even with the twist. 

Apart from shade sails that have 4 corners, there are also others that have three and more. More corners or attachment points will help better secure the shade sail in place. This is great if you already have an existing structure that you want the shade sail to attach on. 

Sunlight Direction

The direction of the sunlight on the area where the shade sail would be used should also be considered. Take note that the direction of the sunlight may vary not only throughout the day but also from one season to another. Knowing the path of the sun will make sure that you properly position the shade sail to make the most out of it. 

Some might decide to position the shade sail to block most of the midday sun, while some might opt for having it block the afternoon sun. This depends on preference and on the time that you are most likely to use the outdoor living space. 

The Retractable Option

Providing shade for your outdoor living space is great but sometimes, you might want to opt for a bit more sunshine. A retractable design would be great in this case. With it, you can simply open up the shade during the colder months to help you warm up. During summer when the temperatures are higher or when the sun’s rays are too intense, you can fully open up your shade sail. 

Type Of Fabric

Another important factor to consider to get the perfect shade sail is the fabric that’s going to be used for the shade sail. There are durable fabrics that are meant to withstand various outdoor and weather conditions. These fabrics may also be pre-treated with substances in order to make them durable, waterproof and vibrantly colored even under UV exposure. 

Color Preference

We’ve mentioned that there are various types of fabric that can be used for the shade sail. Additionally, the fabrics also come in a variety of colors. When choosing the color, it would be better if you could take some samples and see if they would look great in the area where you intend to place them. See if their colors won’t clash with the surroundings or your property. 

Some people might automatically choose darker colors because dirt is easier to see in light colored fabric. However, you must remember that no matter what the color is, it will still collect dirt.

The color of the frame or posts where your shade sails are attached should also be selected. They are usually painted with a powder-coated finish of your color choice. Some suggest using colors that are already in use in your property so that it blends well with it. Look at your gutters or fences, they might be a good color to use for your shade sail posts. 

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