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Exterior Tensile Membrane Canopy At A Luxury Resort
Exterior Tensile Membrane Canopy At A Luxury Resort

Tensile structures aren’t just functional, they look beautiful too. However, like many things in life – they won’t stay that way if you don’t properly maintain them.

Proper maintenance doesn’t only keep your tensile structure look good and functional, it also extends its life. 

Regular checks should be done on the structures. This lets you know if there is a need to clean or repair them. Most of those who install tensile structures will provide owners with a manual that they can follow when it comes to the maintenance of their tensile structure. 

How Often Should You Clean And Maintain Them?

Although you should regularly clean and maintain your tensile structures, there is no strict schedule on how often you should do it. It will depend on a variety of factors such as what tensile structure it is, where it is installed and how much airborne dirt it is exposed too. Most tensile structure manufacturers would recommend to check and conduct maintenance for tensile structures annually. 

Care For Exterior Fabric Structures

For the tensile structures that are installed outdoors, the main cause of the build-up would be the dust and dirt due to exposure. They are also more prone to build-up from falling leaves from trees. The tensile structures that have flat canopies have higher risk of damage because they have slow water drainage. That means the dirt can stay of different spots for a longer time. Steeper tensile structure forms tend to have less build-up because they slide off faster and easier than those with flat canopies.

The tensile structures can be cleaned with or without removing the tensile fabric. Some suggest cleaning it in their position to prevent wear on the tensioning parts and other mechanical fixings. With this, there is a need for various tools and equipment to get access to cleaning them. 

There are also times when the canopy just has to be taken down to be properly cleaned. However, before you remove any parts, you should first consult with the manufacturers. Tensile structures can be dangerous if you medal with them and don’t know what you are doing. 

Apart from inspecting and cleaning the tensile fabric, you should also check the frame and other fixings. Check for any signs of excessive damage or fatigue. You can take photos for documentation so that you can send them easily to your trusted tensile structure provider. They’ll determine whether the issue has to be dealt with immediately or if that’s just due to regular wear and tear of the structure. They can also suggest what steps should be done next. 

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