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Residential Designs

Sun Protection with a Shade Sail
Residential Sun Protection with a Shade Sail

Looking to extend the usable living space for your home at a fraction of the cost of an addition?  What if this extension saved on energy use, provided UV protection, and had little to no effect on your tax assessment?

Tensioned membrane structures, also known as fabric structures, can provide residential customers these benefits and more.

Need more reason to go with TMS Residential?

Flexible Design Aesthetics – From traditional to contemporary and everything in-between, our designer can provide nearly limitless design options, from contemporary to traditional thanks to the unique flexible properties of the membrane and support materials.

Translucency – Depending on the thickness of the fabric used, your design can block excessive light, or produce soft diffused light to naturally brighten spaces.

Night Lights – Artificial lighting can be easily integrated to create unique ambient exterior luminescence.

Proven Durability – We offer several fabric options that have proven durability in climates ranging from bitter cold to the hottest extreme temperatures.   Additionally, all our designs incorporate wind specifications well beyond those typically experienced in our customer’s respective areas.

Lightweight – Since all fabric tensile membranes structures are lightweight, very little structural steel is required to support the roof as compared to traditional building designs.  This means you can enjoy larger areas of living space without all those annoying columns.

Low Maintenance – Tensile membrane structures are so much easier to clean and maintain that a traditional pergola or deck structure that use so much more hardware and supports due to their weight.

Code Compliance –  Thanks to our flexible designs, we can usually accommodate any building code requirements you may have.

Sustainability – By incorporating a variety of fabric membranes materials and thicknesses, any daylight can be used a dispersed throughout the outdoor living space, thereby allowing light to enter the actual interior of the home.

For our residential customers, let us help you accentuate your covered gardens, deck, patios, entryways or sidewalks structures with tensioned membranes to extend your living space, yet feel like you’re still outdoors.  All at a price that works within your budget.

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